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Many people in auto accidents want to know immediately how much money they might expect to receive as compensation for their injuries. Other attorneys could make commitments immediately away, whether or not they can keep them. Before providing you with any numbers, we want to learn more about your circumstances as a seasoned motor vehicle accident law firm.

Your payout, if you were hurt in a vehicle accident, will rely on several things, such as:

  • The severity of your wounds
  • The specifics of the incident, such as whether it was a head-on, side-swipe, rear-end, or T-bone smash.
  • Your recovery time, which is frequently influenced by your age and health before the event,
  • Your circumstances, employment prospects, and financial status before the accident
  • Your prior experiences with the kind of damage you’ve sustained (for example, a history of back problems before your accident-related back injury may result in a higher award)
  • How much paperwork and evidence do you have about your accident, injuries, treatment, and life-changing consequences?
  • How much of the accident’s blame may each side be assigned?
  • Providing aid to victims of car accidents

Our Toronto car accident attorneys will enquire about your specific accident and discuss the law’s application to your case. Statistics of refunds after car accidents in Canada. As soon as we obtain it, we will provide you with as much information as possible.

We will discuss pain and suffering awards as an illustration, which is nearly impossible to get absent from a severe and long-lasting disability. We will discuss how long it could take for the full degree of your symptoms to become apparent if you have a soft tissue injury or psychological issues like PTSD, sadness, or anxiety. Finally, we will address how you could still be able to file a claim even if you are partially at blame if there are any questions regarding culpability in your traffic accident, such as if your own insurance company has determined you to be partially at fault or you have been charged.

We can also go over what will happen if the other driver in your collision is unknown or uninsured, and we can explain how your insurance company will operate in the same way as the other driver’s insurance company and pay damages, subject to some restrictions.

Once we have assessed the kind and extent of your damage and the specifics of your case, we will begin to give you probable ranges. Any other strategy is reckless and unlikely to be advantageous to our clients.

We don’t quit till we are happy!

Contact Azevedo & Nelson if you require a Car Accident Lawyer in Toronto or Oakville. We have the necessary knowledge to handle each vehicle accident case successfully. When contacted, our car accident attorneys will launch investigations to gather testimony and promptly record your claim.

Additionally, you can rely on accident attorneys if you want to reopen a previously refused motor vehicle accident claim. Please get in touch with our Ontario car accident attorney immediately for legal support if you or a loved one is hurt in a collision.