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Motorbike Accident Lawyer

The victim’s and their loved ones’ physical, financial, and emotional well-being can be severely damaged by motorcycle accidents.

If you’ve been hurt in a motorbike accident, you could be dealing with significant health problems and need to make arrangements for long-term medical treatment and rehabilitation.

You’re probably concerned about the financial toll that medical expenses and lost wages will have, as well as whether you’ll be able to continue doing the things you used to like.

Auto Accident Law Firm, we know the particular difficulties brought on by motorbike accidents. Numerous injured motorcyclists in Edmonton and around Toronto have received sizeable settlements because of our skilled motorcycle accident attorneys.

Our legal team will put forth endless effort to ensure you receive the total potential compensation. To guarantee that all of your injuries, losses, and inconveniences are documented and accounted for, we need to make more effort to save money when hiring the top medical and economic specialists in Toronto.

Auto Accident Law Firm for a free, private consultation about your case if you or someone close to you has been injured in a motorbike accident.

If You’ve Been in a Motorcycle Accident, Here’s What to Do

Motorcycle accidents frequently result from the same factors as other motor vehicle collisions, such as careless driving and impaired driving.

Serious injuries can also be caused by risks that are specific to motorcyclists, such as flaws in the motorcycle’s mechanics or parts, defects in helmets or other protective gear, the way other drivers treat motorcyclists when they share the road with them, and the state of the streets at the time of the collision.

If you were hurt in a motorbike collision:

  • Even if there are no apparent injuries, get medical attention right once. Concussions, soft-tissue injuries, and internal bleeding are a few ailments that may not show symptoms for days or even weeks.
  • Get a copy of the police report and report the accident to the authorities. Anyone who saw the collision should be listed along with their names and phone numbers.
  • Note any further accident participants’ names, phone numbers, and insurance details.
  • Take pictures of the accident location and any apparent wounds if you can.

Before discussing the accident with the insurance company or any parties involved, consult with your attorney. Anything you say might one day work against you.

The Most Common Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Due to their lack of physical protection, motorcyclists have a higher chance of suffering severe injuries in collisions than passengers in cars.

Even if you don’t immediately notice any injuries or symptoms after a motorcycle accident, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive medical assessment immediately. Motorbike collisions frequently bring on the following injuries:

Motorcycle accident, friendly photo with ambulance in the background
  • broken bones, fractures, sprains, and strains; head injuries, including concussions, skull fractures, and brain injuries;
  • damage to the back, spinal cord, and torso, including vertebral fractures and internal bleeding;
  • damage to the limbs, including amputation;

Road rash can range from tiny scratches and minor bleeding to third-degree abrasions that expose muscles, tendons, or bone. Whiplash injuries include neck discomfort and stiffness, headaches, visual issues, depression, and anxiety.

Even seemingly little signs or injuries might eventually cause significant problems, at which point it could be too late to make a personal injury claim. The best way to prepare for any issues is to seek a thorough medical evaluation and legal guidance now.

Compensation for Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident, friendly photo

Every case is unique. Therefore the best way to determine the compensation to which you may be entitled is to speak with an expert motorcycle accident lawyers. The ultimate payout, if your claim is approved, may include the following:

  • Physical and mental discomfort; lost income or the potential loss of future wage-earning capabilities;
  • Future care costs;
  • capacity loss;
  • loss of domestic skills;
  • personal out-of-pocket expenditures for medical care and other incidentals arising from the MVA;
  • and property damage.
  • Typically, insurance companies want to settle claims as soon as feasible.

How to provide first aid in a motorcycle accident.

No matter what the insurance company may have said about the worth of your claim, the legal team at Chadi & Company will look into your case, assess damages, consider all the facts, and identify every option for the most prominent payment feasible.